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Book Fair


Please come by our school library from November 14, November 17-November 20 before, during and after school to fill your home library with interesting and “just right fit books”.  You can also click on this link to order, and the books will be delivered to school.  All proceeds go to supporting our library collection.  Thank you for joining us in  building your student's Reading Life!



November Newsnote

I want to shout out to our Robert Semple Staff and PTG     

                                                                                             THANK YOU!!

for our Family Fun Events in October.  It was wonderful to see so many families joining us for our Family Reading Night, learning new strategies to make reading more enjoyable and meaningful at home. We hope to have another Family Reading Night in the Spring!  And our Harvest Festival was a frightfully good time! The work put into these events was enormous, but so worth the grand efforts! Thank you again to our PTG! (Remember you can always be a member of PTG.  Our meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm in our staff lounge.)

October and November are Benchmark testing months!  Across the grade levels our students have been taking assessments in the areas of reading, writing and math.  Through these assessments, students, teachers, parents and school administration can determine what our students have learned since the beginning of the school year.  We use these assessments to guide our instruction for your student. Please be sure to have your students rested, with a good breakfast, and to school on time, so they can show us what they have learned.

Report Cards: Across the grade levels, we have developed a report card that is aligned to the rigorous Common Core Standards. Our goal for every student is to master with a high degree of accuracy each essential standard on the report card.

With traditional report cards, students get one letter grade for each subject. The Standards Based report card goes beyond just a letter grade. Students will receive a score of 1-4 that will let parents and students know their progress towards an in-depth understanding of the standards taught for that grade level. Early in the year we expect to see quite a few 2s as students are working towards mastery. Please remember that the 1-4 rubric grading system does not equate to the

A – F grading scale. Since each standard is benchmarked for the trimester (with new material added), not all students will master every grade-level standard.

Here is an explanation of the scores 1-4.

4:   Student demonstrates an in-depth understanding and exceeds mastery of standards taught in this reporting period.

  • A student earning a 4 independently uses and applies knowledge in ways that demonstrate higher level thinking skills.
  • Typically, few students perform at this level.


3:  Student consistently meets grade-level standards taught in this reporting period.

  • A 3 throughout the school year indicates strong, independent, excellent work at grade level.
  • A 3 indicates the goal for the end of each trimester and should be celebrated.


2:  Student is making progress towards grade-level standards taught in this reporting period.

  • A 2 indicates ongoing growth.


1:  Student demonstrates limited understanding of grade-level standards taught in this reporting period.

  • A 1 indicates significant support is needed from teachers and parents.


At your upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences (November 18-20) you will receive your student’s report card and have an opportunity to discuss your student’s academic progress. The report cards are based on the results from benchmarks; classroom assessments, learning activities and projects students do in the classroom. You will gain great insight into your student’s academic progress at this meeting.

Here are a few Tips for A Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

1.Plan for your conference by talking to your child before your conference, get their input on their learning experience. Look at the work they bring home, read with them, and take notes.

2. Set up your conference early! Most of our teachers are sending emails, to sign up online, or a paper version. Be sure to check your child’s backpack! If you do not hear from your student’s teacher by the end of this week, call her/him to set up the date. It is best if both parents can attend.

3.  Ask questions about your child’s schoolwork, our reading, writing and math programs, or any school rules you do not understand.

4. Share any information that might help the teacher develop a better understanding of your child.  Brainstorm with the teacher solutions to support your child as needed. Agree on plans, responsibilities and future steps before you leave.

5. Talk with your child after the conference, share what was discussed.

6.  Follow up; implement your end of any agreement. Keep in touch with the teacher. Remember you are partners with the teacher.  If something planned does not reap the desired results, contact the teacher and ask to schedule another meeting.

I am sure that you, your student, and your student’s teacher will find the time conferencing very meaningful.

And don’t forget to come to our Book Fair, November 14-November 20! And our Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser, Friday Night, November 14, 5:30-7:30.  Only $5 for a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread or $20/family of 2-5 people.   (By the way, the meal will be lovingly prepared by our very own Chefs Mr.Stamps and Ms. Abelee)

Awards Assemblies and Performances: There have been some questions about our Awards Assembly and Performances this year.  We have moved from a once a trimester Celebration to a once a month Celebration.  At our monthly awards assemblies, we celebrate our students who have:

  • Perfect attendance for the month (no unexcused absences, arrived on time daily and did not leave school early)
  • Been positive role models for our Character Bound program (this month is Kindness)
  • Given their best effort, is Kind, helps others, is respectful, and is a model Robert Semple student or as we call them a “Dynamite Dragon”

We also celebrate the numbers of books read by the class, and students who have reached 100% of their AR goal. The assemblies are around 20 minutes in length, and are at the beginning of the month. Parents are always welcome, whether your student receives an award or not.  Our assemblies this month will be held Tuesday 11/4 (grades 1, 2, 5) and Friday 11/7 (Grades 3 & 4) and our Dynamite Dragon Lunch will be Friday.

We have three dates scheduled for our Performances. They are December 5, February 6 and April 12. Our performances will be morning assemblies.  Your student’s teachers will let you know when their class will be performing.  We hope you join us for a very entertaining show!

  On November 13 @ 6:00 PM, in our Multi-Purpose Room, our Superintendent Janice Adams and her Cabinet members will come to Robert Semple to share the impact our Local Control and Accountability Plan is having on Robert Semple. Please join us to hear details! And then stay for our PTG meeting that immediately follows the presentation.

 On rainy days, please have your family name on the dashboard of your car.  This assists the staff members on duty, to identify students in the multi-use room for pick-up.


We are having our annual Giving Tree up this Holiday Season.  If you are interested in participating, please come into the office and complete a green form. All forms must be completed and submitted by November 14. 

There is no school Monday, November 10 and Tuesday, November 11, as part of our celebration of Veteran’s Day.  Monday, November 17 is regular dismissal.  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held November 18-20; these will be minimum schedule days for students, with dismissal at 12:30.

We will be closed November 24-28.  The Robert Semple Staff and I wish you and your family a most enjoyable Thanksgiving!  We look forward to seeing everyone when school reopens December 1!  Sincerely,  Jane Abelee   




Attendance:  Consistent school attendance is essential for your child’s success in school. A parent’s top priority is to get their children to school every day, and on time.  It is very difficult for students to make up for lost classroom time. They miss out on instruction, interaction and discussion with classmates and their teacher. Every minute is precious. Tardiness is another concern.  Teachers set the tone for the learning day at the beginning of the day.  When a student arrives late, not only are they out-of-step with their classmates, but also they have stopped the teaching and learning for others in the classroom. Please make every effort to have your child arrive to school on time.  Playground supervision is only provided as of 8:15, so please do not bring your student earlier.  Only students who are here for breakfast should arrive earlier.   Illness should be the only reason your child misses school. Thank you for working together to ensure your students have a safe and successful year.

RSPTG (Robert Semple Parent Teacher Group) NEWS:

Sign up to volunteer at www.rsptg.ptomanager.com, or email rsptg@hotmail.com for more information.
Please click here for PTG contacts and information.


Are you receiving emails from Robert Semple Elementary School?  If not, the PTG may not have your email.  The PTG sends out important information and dates, along with other emails regarding specific events.  If you would like to be added to this distribution email, please send a note to rsptg@hotmail.com and we will get you on the list.  Also, follow us on Facebook for occasional updates, pictures, and Semple events!



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